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TO MOST, economic freedom is one of the subtle and illusory forms of freedom that exists which, based upon a simple fact of psychology, environment and belief, has greatly affected them negatively, though immensely! Humans, by nature, are obdurate creatures of intense and inflammable desire, passion and ambition which, in most cases, could do whatever is necessary or require in achieving their endgame. Thus one of the best, effective, and redemptive ways to accomplish much more with less effort, time, and resources is to focus and tap, though stubbornly, into the ideals of our inner reverie, creativity and power, to master the age-long, working principles of self-made millionaires!

Rewarding activities, the ability to visualize the endgame, and working with practical action plans: these are some of the many, uncompromising habits of most successful, self-made millionaires; the compelling arts that has helped manipulate, maneuver, and had led them into toppling empires to winning a big stake! When these arts are fully mastered, whether consciously or sub-consciously, they will unpack, unwind, and raise your level of financial intelligence.

 All because of these 21 simple habits which will help you. . .

• Tailor your skills to meet your most financial pressing needs.

• Measure and improve your art of self-made money-making.

• Avoid classic pitfalls such as working hard.

• Challenge yourself by having ambitious goals.

• Decide which ideas are worth pursuing and more.

This book, ‘Working With Financial Intelligence’ is a mesmerizing, challenging, and a masterful synthesis of the greatest minds of self-made millionaires – from ancient to modern. 

OVER THE few months since its first publication, ‘1960s War on Poverty: United States History of Fifty-Seven Years Towards Economic Freedom’ has become a financial classic! Now, in a thoroughly revised, enlarged and updated version, Musa .S. Joel, in his usual musical cadence and linguistic playfulness puts fresh, spinning swings by revealing the most intimate and provocative journey of the United States 57-years history towards economic independence when, in 1960s, the War on Poverty was declared by the government.

The book, which explains in graphic details most of the financial strategy and technique used by the U.S government since the past decades to ensure economic freedom for her citizenry, her success as well as failure, serves as living guide for anyone willing to gain mastery of their financial security and put their skills to work.

The U.S has made significant progress in her fight against sharp, economic decline, which has led to enormous economic prosperity and financial wealth. So borrowed from the Americans’ 1960s War on Poverty program, the author has spent months researching and developing these proven, unbeatable principles to solving your money problems through the economic principles that were adopted by the United States to get her out of financial poverty!

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