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The Secrets to Speaking to Your Destiny and Causing It To Manifest
The Secrets to Speaking to Your Destiny and Causing It to Manifest!
With a combination of partial voice in scholastic, scientific, philosophical, inspirational and religious writing, enclaves with a cutting edge smoldering with idealism, Musa Joel, Winner of Academy Scholarship Award, unveils the power of your self-fulfilling prophecy - the art of speaking to your destiny, demanding the best out of it and declaring it into manifestation!

So it’s time to stop leaving your destiny to chance and allowing the negative assumptions of the significant adults in your life betray and control your destiny. 

Too often, these assumptions or prophecies, like nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, rocket launchers, unilateral disarmaments', war machines and more, reflect the reasons why you’ve hitherto submitted to fear, uncertainty, failure and had continue to revolved within your own limiting orbits!

This book will show you the tragedy of how many of us are familiar with the wonders of modern science and technology, ancient antiques, scientific and archaeological discoveries that have outlasted so many centuries, generations, nations, and races and yet, are grossly unaware and totally unfamiliar with the immense power we possess to withstand the most daunting challenges of life.

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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Once again, this Academic Award Winner and consummate e-book writer, Musa S. Joel, through his slamming, infectious pieces in How to Stop Worrying and Start Living will float his readers right on through hard times!

In this new inspiring book title, the author revealed his own true life experience, thus:

“I have seen death and I can tell you an awful lot about it. I have experienced paralysis and I can tell you the tragedy of not being able to walk and to be subjected to a life of wheel chair! I have known what it is for your body organ to suddenly stop functioning and to be totally helpless! 

I can tell you about being inflicted with urinary infections, and not being able to control how you secrete your body wastes! I’d been fed with intravenous feeding. I’d been declared dead by medical practitioners who were armed to the teeth to write and signed my death certificate and hand it over to my mum! 

Talking about hell? Friend, I’d been there so many times and back! And I can tell you this one thing without apology: that is not a lovely experience to long for.”

In this book, therefore, the author has unveiled practical principles on how to:

1. Overcome worry habit in business, finances, health and relationships.
2. Live younger and live longer.
3. Add meaning to your life.
4. Be yourself and live beyond limit and criticism.

Thus in this inspiring book, readers are given a guide on how to live a life that is free from worries and start living; how to face life challenges and deal with emotional problems. There is no need to be anxious and afraid – because these and many more will only stop you from living a happy, fuller and richer life!

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Sex and Marriage: A Guide to the Mystery of Wine and Its Application in Romance, Love and Sex

“Has your relationship gradually moved from the cultivation of olive oil and wine, the center of immortal romance and poetic expression to the place of barbarism and hate?” 

A mesmerizing encore to the compelling arts of creating intimacy, romance, fun, lifelong love and mind-blowing sex in marriage! Whether you want to put romance back into your relationship, whether you want to salvage your marriage from the axe of painful separation, or whether you want to become a better lover, this book would make it all the better.

Sex and Marriage: A Guide to the Mystery of Wine and Its Application in Romance, Love and Sex, is a masterful synthesis of the mystery of wine; it unpacks its engaging rules which many have never formulated and analyzed when it comes to passionate love, romance, relationship, marriage or courtship and identify how to use the same to create intense passion, awaken desire and pleasant sensation. The book needs no further convincing. Within the first few pages, you will realize you are in for something very special. Almost immediately you will fall under the musical cadence, the richness of the language and the linguistic playfulness of M.S. Joel as he exposes and breakthrough the mystery and psychology of wine, thus relating it to passionate love, romance and sex!

It reveals the best ways on how to save your relationship from getting bored, avoiding break-up, and shielding your marriage from getting to the place of painful separation, thus becoming a better lover for it!

Set amid a world where many are searching for love but only few are serious, a world of break-up and painful divorce, this book will inspire romance and passionate love back into your affair.

This is no ordinary book on relationship, courtship, marriage, romance, love and sex: of course, it is filled with action, intrigue, and suspense, but the fact that it was descriptively written, explicitly explained, and precisely imagistic in its candid, breezy nature is what gives this book the candor, the heat and depth to make it a truly remarkable, must- read! To get your copy, quickly visit the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B019TFHFWC