Chapter 9: "How to Enjoy Your Wealth" - Except from Understanding Money, How It Works, and the Power of Financial Matrix: Small Steps to a Large or Small Fortune.

"YES, life can be fully enjoyed, and everything around you can be in a state of complete comfort, relaxation, and pleasure. You don't have to be thwarted by every turn that life throws at you, you don't have to shirk by every stupid system that you face, and you don't have to end up as an idiot because something around you goes wrong! 

The temptation to moan, in hope that something that's gone wrong around you would change for the better is an occupation of most idle idiots! 

Even though sometimes life could be a pain in the tackle, even though sometimes we could feel we are being pulled by heavyweights, even though sometimes we have this feeling that we are carrying a load that seems heavier than our strengths, still it is pointless to go on moaning about our lots - if really that's our lots!

Some, even though it be in the midst of economic advantage still finds it add to see something nice to enjoy, something they truly care for which they can be committed to. They'll rather pull out all the stops to enjoying their wealth, even though it be in an honest and sincere fashion! They'll rather not be committed to something that is completely positive and fun to hang around with. 

If you’re not enjoying your wealth, then what are you doing? If there is no entertainment, pleasure, comfort, relaxation and fun from the wealth you’re trying to accumulate, then there is no point in striving to attain it. There is no point in taking the hit from the top dogs who don't want you to be among the toppers! If, for example that is the case, perhaps it would be better off to stop striving to attain lofty goals but to continue to live a life that is below average, and to sit around having coffee while your life gradually sniffs away!

I guess there are an awful lot of people out there who really wants to enjoy life to the full but who, as it were, are afraid and weak in committing themselves in what it would take to attain such height. They can't face the pain in the tackle.

There is no shame, there is no harm in enjoying your wealth. But there seems to be a popular acceptance in being miserable, in giving in to failure, setback, limitation and struggle due to lack of financial success that exist among many whereas silently, at the wee of the night, they groan and moan over their situation and how much they hate they struggle just to get by in life . . . "

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